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R Dan and Co Inc

A1800W Robot Palletizer Featured

A1800W Robot Palletizer columbiaokura.com

Ultra High Load Capacity

The Okura A1800W robot palletizer is designed for ultra high load capacity in palletizing for a wide range of applications.

Its maximum load capacity of 350 kg is the highest for the full range of Okura robot palletizers, enabling it to palletize a full layer of most types of products.

Additional Info

  • Load Capacity: 350 kg (including weight of end effector)
  • Degree of Operation Range: 4 axes (R, D, O, T axes) R axis 360º D axis 2300 mm O axis 1518 mm T axis 440º
  • Handling Rate: 500 cycles/hour MAX *Above palletizing rate is based on standard end effectors. Palletizing rate varies, depending on layout, multiple gripping & other conditions.
  • Accuracy: Repeated stop position accuracy of ± 1mm
  • Robot Weight: 1300 kg (without end effector)
  • Pneumatic Consumption: 180 l/min (ANR)
  • Power: AC200V/220V (Three Phase) ± 5% 6.5kVA + Peripheral Conveyors

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