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R Dan and Co Inc

Okura A-Series Robot Palletizer

Okura A-Series Robot Palletizer

RDCI is the exclusive local distributor of the high-performance palletizing robots developed by Okura.

Palletizing is a vital element that can contribute significantly to the improvement of productivity. Okura's full product line of palletizers is made to cater for any type of workplace and production capacity.

Its robotic palletizer can palletize up to 1,600 cycles per hour and are easily-configurable with its user-friendly interface. Okura's high-speed mechanical palletizers can palletize up to 6,000 cases per hour while ensuring that fragile products are handled with minimal impact. Okura delivers automatic palletizing systems with optimum cost-performance.

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High Cost-Performance

The new Okura A400 robot palletizer is a low cost & high performance model designed for maximum ROI. Okura's engineering concepts for all robot palletizers are utilised in its design. This model is optimal for plants with low output capacity.

Optimal Space Utilization

The Okura A700III robot palletizer utilizes a circular area of just 2,832 mm diameter for palletizing of up to 700 bags/hour.

High-Speed Palletizing of Multiple Product Types

The Okura A1600III robot palletizer is designed for reliable usage in a wide range of applications.

Ultra High-Speed Palletizing

The Okura A1800 robot palletizer is designed for exceptional speed in palletizing for a wide range of applications.

Ultra High Load Capacity

The Okura A1800W robot palletizer is designed for ultra high load capacity in palletizing for a wide range of applications.

Its maximum load capacity of 350 kg is the highest for the full range of Okura robot palletizers, enabling it to palletize a full layer of most types of products.



Robot Palletizers End Effectors

Okura designs & manufactures a large variety of end effectors to ensure on the effective & secure handling of all products. These end effectors can handle a wide range of products in a safe, stable & non-damaging manner. Handling type includes clamp, fingers, vacuum & sliding plates.


bag-box-end-eff   Bag End Effector with Sheet Vacuum
bag-style-end-eff    Bag-Style
clamp-style-end-eff    Clamp-Style
fork style end eff   Fork-Style
sheet placement-tool-style-end-eff    Sheet Placement
vacuum-end-eff    Vacuum-Style

Okura OXPA0


New OXPA-QmV Palletizing Software

Stacking programs can be downloaded to the controller from remote location
3D drawings for user friendly and visual software
Windows based standard items
USB cable or Ethernet communication for fater upload and download
Backup and restore stacking programs
Password protection for security purpose
Create and register special manually made patterns
New pattern creator built-in to OXPA-QmV



Okura OXPA1  

Input product dimension data








Okura OXPA2  

Automatic stacking program after selecting a stacking pattern








Okura OXPA3  

Easy editing of stacking order and approach direction









Okura OXPA4  

Visual checking of stacking pattern









Okura OXPA5  

Capability to add the special stacking pattern to the top layer









Okura OXPA6  

Production plan will be shown on the completed staking pattern screen









Apllication Featured

 Okura System Applications by Industry
  • Animal Nutrtion
  • Rice
  • Beans & Peas
  • Seeds
  • Building Materials
  • Paint
  • Minerals
  • Food Ingredients
  • Flour Milling
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Paper bag
  • Motor Oil


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