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R Dan and Co Inc

Tissue Machine

Paper, much of these material we use go to waste. But today, as people reliaze the costs of paper production,  more and more of these valuable materials is recycled. In the Philippines, the leader in paper technology and the paper recycling industry is R. Dan and Co., Inc.

R. Dan and Co., Inc. is commited to producing and supplying world-class quality equipment and machineries to the paper industry. Quality have always been the company's creed since it began in 1954 as an engineering and project consultancy for the pulp and paper industry. Today, R. Dan and Co., Inc. is the frontliner in the paper industry in the Philippines and is increasingly active in the Asian and world market.

R. Dan and Co., Inc. manufactures, engineers and  sells state-of the-art paper-making equipment and systems. Machine are fabricated at R. Dan and Co., Inc.  engineering and fabrication plant in Pasig City, Philippines. Here engineers and skilled workers updated in the latest production technology provide top quality service to R. Dan and Co., Inc. customers. R. Dan and Co., Inc. personnel and consultants are always on hand to provide professional advice and assistance.

New Crescent Former Tissue Machine and Rewinder

Brand:  ACelli, Italy
Model:  ACP 120
Year:  2011
Gross Production:  112  -143 ADMT/Day (100% efficiency)
Guaranty Production:  126 ADMT/day at 15 gsm
Operating Speed:  2000 m/min
Basis Weight:  12 – 42 gsm
Paper Width at Reel:  3,650 mm


Tissue machine

  • Double Layer Headbox
  • Crescent Former
  • Felt Run
  • Suction roll
  • Casted Ribbed Yankee Dryer
  • Doctor System with oscillation, blade magazine
  • High Efficiency Gas Hood – With Dual Combustion/Recirculation System
  • Threading and Web Stabilizing System
  • Pope Reel for 3000 mm dia. Parent rolls, with reel spool magazine and weighing system
  • Mechanical Drive Gearboxes
  • Oil and Grease Lubrication
  • Dust and Mist removal System, excluding ducts
  • Baseplates, Special Tools, Guards, and Aluminum walkways, ladders
  • Steam and Condensate System
  • Siemens Sectional Drive System
  • Spare Rolls, and spare parts

Stock Preparation

  • Separate Long Fiber and Short Fiber Lines
  • Including: Pulpers, Deflakers, Cleaners and Refiners

Broke System

  • UTM Pulper, cleaner, and deflaker

Approach flow System

  • Fan Pump for each layer
  • Pressure Screens for each layer
  • Polished Piping before headbox

Fiber Recovery and Water system

  • Disc filter
  • Clear water filter

Rewinder – off machine

Manufacturer: ACelli, Italy
Type: Winder AC 865 Shaftless
Year:  2012
Speed:  900 m/min.
Basis weight:  12 – 42 GSM
Width of parent rolls:  3,650 mm
Dia. Of Parent rolls:  3000 mm
Dia. Of finished roll:  2000 mm


  • Main Unit comprising:
  • 3 unwind stands, Calender, Two Drum Rewinder
  • Machine Controller – PLC
  • Mechanical and Electrical drives
  • Trim and dust removal system (excluding ducts)
  • Spares

Original Manufacturer’s guaranty
Services for supervision
Basis of sale:  Uninstalled, As Is, where is, China

























• Eco tissue Design, partnership with Andritz
• Up to 60 tpd, 2.8 m paper width 1200 m/min speed
• Basis weight: 13.5 – 42 gsm




High Machine Efficiency
• Modern chemical shower
• Fast wire / felt change
• No paper trims
• Less rejects
• Automatic controls for BW/moisture, speed, start /stop, crepe ratio

Low Consumption Per Ton
• Less raw material
• Less electric power
• Less steam
• Less chemical
• Less fresh water
• Less manpower

High Safety Features
• Explosion proof yankee
• Pressure relief for steam
• Guards for turning
• Maintenance platforms
• Auto threading/turn-up

Low Maintenance
• Easy wire/felt change
• Reliable/strong parts
• Easy oil/grease lubrication points



Excellent Paper Quality
• Excellent formation
• High strength
• Low MD/CD ratio
• High softness/bulk







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