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R Dan and Co Inc

Liquid Pouch Form Fill and Seal Machine

• In-line Machine to fill and seal orange juice in 200ml aluminum pouches
• PLC controlled
• Volumetric filling
• Electric heat sealing
• Plastic conveyor (Prolink type)
• Shaft-mounted gear-motor with frequency inverter
• Capacity is 44 pouches per minute, up to 66-pouch per minute
• Stainless steel construction with good workmanship for public viewing
• Drive, 0.18kwx4-pole, Danfoss geared-motor
• Plastic belt width=100mm, conveyor center to center length=4000mm


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20 Alfonso St., Rosario,
Pasig City 1609 Philippines
TEL. +63.2.656.2298-99
FAX. +63.2.656.2089/ +63.2.470.7890
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