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R Dan and Co Inc


R. Dan & Co., Inc. is one of the Philippines leading designers and manufacturers of Material Handling Systems for a broad spectrum of industry groups. The multi-disciplinary company has specialized in the development and manufacture of integrated material handling systems.

RDCI has been known as one of the most experienced companies in supplying the most sophisticated Baggage Handling Systems in the world. This includes all types of airports, from small regional airports to prestigious international airports.

Conveyor Types
• Belt Conveyor
• Cleated/Profiled Conveyor
• Modular Conveyor
• Food Grade Conveyor
• Industrial Conveyor
• Lift Gate Conveyor (Okura)
• Plastic Chain Conveyor (Prolink)
• Portable Conveyor
• Customised Conveyor
• Stainless/ Steel Frame Conveyor
• Z-Frame/ Inclined Conveyor

• In-line Machine to fill and seal orange juice in 200ml aluminum pouches
• PLC controlled
• Volumetric filling
• Electric heat sealing
• Plastic conveyor (Prolink type)
• Shaft-mounted gear-motor with frequency inverter
• Capacity is 44 pouches per minute, up to 66-pouch per minute
• Stainless steel construction with good workmanship for public viewing
• Drive, 0.18kwx4-pole, Danfoss geared-motor
• Plastic belt width=100mm, conveyor center to center length=4000mm


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20 Alfonso St., Rosario,
Pasig City 1609 Philippines
TEL. +63.2.656.2298-99
FAX. +63.2.656.2089/ +63.2.470.7890
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