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R Dan and Co Inc

Belting Division
R. Dan & Co., Inc. is the pioneer company offering Conveyor and Transmission Belts in the Philippines. We import roll material belts from our principal - Forbo Siegling Germany.

Regardless of the spectrum of specifications that our clienteles may have, we can proudly say that our highly skilled-staff can provide the best and most economical solutions for their belting specifications.

R. Dan & Co., Inc. is ahead above the rest because we are the only company in the Philippines that can do Proseal (Belt-Edge Sealing), having our own Proseal machine at hand.Belt-Edge Sealing is a must especially in the food industry because it prevents bacteria, oil, water, etc. from penetrating the belt material thus it improves the hygiene and increase the service life of the belt.

The company also provides Splicing on Site (SOS) service for our clients.

R. Dan and Co., Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of Forbo SIEGLING Drive and Conveyor Beltings from Germany. We keep ample inventory of various conveyor and belts for different applications, as well as provide splicing services when required.

Belt Application
• FoodLogistics
• Industrial Production
• Raw Materials
• Printing Paper Mills
• Textile

Belt Customisation
• Vulcanizing/ Splicing (Z-Splice, Overlap Splice and Stepped Z-Splice)
• Proseal (Edge-Sealing)
• Installation of Clipper Hooks/ Alligator Lacings



Logistics, Conveyors & Baggage Handling Solutions

R. Dan and Co., Inc. provides modern conveying solutions to specific industry needs, both by supplying imported equipment and locally manufacturing of all types of conveyor frames such as transportable knife edge, curved conveyors and carousels for airports.

Under the agreement between R. Dan and Co, Inc. and VanDerLande Industries of Holland, state of the art airport baggage handling equipment is supplied. Now, the company boasts of several installations in the Philippines' and Asia's premier airports.


Baggage Handling Experience

RDCI has been consistently at the forefront of the material handling industry. We always set the standard. Our clients keep coming back to us because they are aware of our higher commitment to serve and provide them with what they need.

Our track record shows that we have been manufacturing conveyor systems since 1988. We have vast experience with designing, manufacturing and commissioning any kind of conveyor system here and abroad. Our years of experience is proof of our hard labor and integrity.

For our design philosophy, we always consider the economy, efficiency, safety, aesthetics and maintenance of all our projects. This ensures the quality of our products at a very competitive price.

Our engineers are experts in designing and manufacturing conveyor systems. They use the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) facilities to help them do their job efficiently.

The company uses the best quality component parts from Sumitomo Drive Technologies, SKF, FAG, SEW Drive, Forbo Siegling Belts, etc.

Another RDCI milestone was partnering with the best material handling companies which were Vanderlande, Swisslog, FKI Logitex and Interoller.

Our latest remarkable project was the supply and installation of the new baggage handling system including rehabilitation and reconditioning of the existing baggage conveyor at the check-in and arrival area of the DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at the Clark Free Port in Pampanga.


Engineering Division
R. Dan and Co., Inc. provides world class quality project consulting, engineering and equipment to paper industry. R. Dan and Co., Inc. maintains an engineering group composed of people with solid experience and expertise mainly in the pulp & paper industry.

With the use of  progressive CAD facilities, we design and provide services for conveyors and equipment and processes for paper mills.  These services comprise basic and detail engineering works as required.

Our engineers are also covering our customers’ needs in the field, in particular the areas of installation, commissioning of our supplies, as well as general troubleshooting and repairs.

Machine Engineering
Machine Engineering comprises the drawings, data and information required for integration of the machines and units contained in R. Dan and Co.’s scope of study.

The documents relating to the Machine Engineering contain the data of the machines and units necessary for the civil engineering and for the integration into the plant and are a prerequisite for the performance of the Plant Engineering.

The Control Engineering services for the Machine Engineering include the engineering services necessary for the integration of the machines or machine parts in R. Dan and Co.’s scope of supply.  They therefore cover the documentation for control components that form a direct part of the supply.

The services for machine engineering are included in the scope of supply of the machines and units.

Plant Engineering
The Plant Engineering comprises the integration of all machines and units as well as the engineering of the technological processes for the partial systems inside the stock preparation and/or paper machine building.

According to its content, the Plant Engineering is subdivided into basic and detail engineering.

Detail Engineering
Preparation of the documents according to which a plant is erected, mounted and installed.

Basic Engineering
Determination for the plant concept in terms of space and process technology.   Definition of the consumption data and layout of the decisive plant components.



With world class engineering, project scheduling and proper resource management, we assure you that your projects with R. Dan & Co. are looked upon with proper care, without overlooking the great need for quality and reliability.

R. Dan & Co. works within the constraints of production and client needs, keeping in mind how important time and productivity of our partners.

Offering / Engineering, Machinery and components from our own workshop, Installation, Start-up Services, Upgrades, Conveying Systems, Automation and Controls, Belting Materials, Dismantling and Machine Erection Services, and Machine Speed-up with minimal down time.

R. Dan and Co., Inc. believes in the development in technologies, offering complete automation of papermaking processes. However, we also believe one must know their machines by being right beside it. Therefore, R. Dan & Co., Inc. will be at your side at every step of the way. In the hope that we not only make great machine but a  trusting relationship with our partners, your triumph in the industry is our greatest joy.

The company manufactures and sells for the world's renown suppliers such as Voith Paper, Voith Paper Fabrics, Voith Paper Rolls, Andritz, MERI, Sulzer Pumps, Forbo Siegling, Okura Fexible Automation Systems Pte Ltd.


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Pasig City 1609 Philippines
TEL. +63.2.656.2298-99
FAX. +63.2.656.2089/ +63.2.470.7890
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